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Dopey Challenge Training



In January 2016, I am taking on the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World. For those who have never heard of the challenge it is comprised of 4 races over four consective days. The first and second days is the 5k and 10k, respectively. The third day is a half marathon. The final day is a marathon. 


Sounds crazy? Well, you have to be a bit crazy to to run 48.6 miles in 4 days. However, I am getting a bit board running my usual races so I decided to try something different.


So how does one train for just an adventure? I am using the Hal Hidgon Dopey Challenge training program. Due to a busy fall race schedule, I plan to stretch the program out to 20 weeks.


Follow me every week as I blog and post my adventures in Dopey Challenge Training and all the lessons that are learned along the way. My training kicks off on Aug 24


48.6 miles here I come.....


Update: Dopey is Done!

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