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Last race of the year

Today was my last race of the year. This is my second year running the Jeff Galloway half marathon. I am in week 8 of recovering from my femoral stress fracture and initially I planned to skip the race. I decided to power walk it to determine if I could maintain a 16:00 pace or better.

All I can say is that there is power in walking. I have never walked a race on purpose and walking this race was definitely an experience. I was able to maintain an average pace of 14:54 pace.

I also really enjoyed the race. I normally spend so much time try to chase a time that I miss everything. I talked to people during the race and was able to see all the sites along the way. My post-race pain was considerably less than running the full race and I didn’t have energy issues. Power walking is a strategy that I plan to use at Disney to conserve my energy and finish the Dopey Challenge.

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