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Dopey Challenge-The 10k

The 10k was the first race that started at 5:30 am. That meant a 2:30 am wake up for a 3:00 am bus ride to Epcot. The DJ keep us moving and awake as we waited for the race to start. The weather went from dry and cold for the 5k to warm and rainy for the 10k. The 10k route was similar to the 5k, with the exception of the first 2-3 miles being off property. We ran through Epcot using a similar route as the 5k, but were able to see more of the park. There were plenty of characters for pictures and we ran along the boardwalk. Since it rained the entire race, I grabbed my medal and food box and headed to the bus immediately after the race. Thankfully majority of races in 2015 were in the rain, so it felt like another day in Atlanta (minus all the hills).


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