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Hot Chocolate Atlanta

This year marked my third Hot Chocolate Atlanta Race and it was a cold one. This was also my second year serving as a race ambassador. This is one of my favorite races because to the expo, swag, and chocolate.

The Expo

The expo was held at the World Congress Center and had plenty of vendors. What made the expo interesting this year was that it was snowing in Atlanta. Snow in ATL usually means early closings and cancellations. The RAM racing crew wasn't afraid of a few snowflakes and the show went on as scheduled. Packet pick up was fast and easy. I was also able to purchase some nice running products (hello Sweaty Bands!).

The Swag

The largest trademark for this race series is the swag. Each year the swag, also known as the goodie bag, was a nice warm jacket. Since I registered early, my jacket was embroidered to give it a personalized flair.

The Race

I ran the 15k so I could get the candy bar medal. This year was so cold that the Nuun on the course turned to a slushie. The course was the same as last year and was classic ATL (hills, thrills, and chills). I didn't PR, but I was grateful to be racing. A few months ago I wasn't sure if I would even be able to run this race. There were great volunteers and post-race party was awesome. I had to eat my chocolate quickly before it solidified due to the cold weather.

Hot Chocolate Race Ambassador

This was my second year as a ambassador for this race. Ambassadors are assigned a registration code that we give out to publicize the race. We earn rewards based on the number of people that sign up. This year, over 500 people used my code to sign up for the race. During my ambassador journey I had fun hosting Hot Chocolate Nights and speaking on Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta. I would highly recommend being a Hot Chocolate Ambassador. The rewards are as sweet as the chocolate.


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