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Training for NYC Marathon: Week 1

It is hard to believe that I am back in marathon training again. This time, I am training for the New York City Marathon, my fourth marathon of 2014. I got in the marathon in March via the lottery and I was so stoked. I am going to go back to my training plan from 2014. My first marathon was in 2014 and to date it is best time. I also trained smarter and injuries were not a concern to me.

For NYC I am using this plan. My journey to NYC has a pit stops along away. I am running the Area 13.1 Half Marathon in September and the Bellin Women's Half Marathon and Atlanta Track Club 10 Miler in October

Week 1: Training in FL

Week 1 of training fell during my family reunion in Florida. In keeping with the training plan, I ran the weekly mileage, but only clocked 5 miles on Saturday. Due to the heat, I am doing intervals. I plan to work on my endurance as the weather cools down. Week 1 was a bit of a challenge in DeFuniak due to the heat and I am not familiar with running routes. Now that I am back in ATL, it's time to get it together.

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