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New York City Marathon Training Week 4

Week 4 also coincided with the second week of Atlanta Track Club training. Since the 5/10k training program has not started I ran with the 11 min/mile pace group. I am doing 3:30 intervals for the group. For marathons, I find that I struggle with maintaining my energy levels, so intervals help me with that issue.

The midweek runs were fine, Tuesday and Thursday for 3-4 miles at an easy pace. It's still pretty hot out here so I don't stress myself out too much with pace. Saturday, my long run, was 11 miles through Midtown ATL. I struggled with the run because it was hot and I didn't have anything to sustain my energy throughout the run. I did start off with UCAN drink mix, but I dumped it at mile 4 because I wanted Gatorade. I am going to plan to get up earlier before long runs so my body has time to digest my food or UCAN. I do want to try UCAN again to see if it helps. I also bought GU to help with sustaining my energy. Each week is a learning experience, which is the purpose of training. On to Week 5....

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