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NYC Marathon Training Week 8

This week's training finally had great weather. This summer has been brutal. Even when the sun is asleep the temperature is very warm due to the high humidity. After completing my week day run and 9 miles with Atlanta Track Club training, I decided to run 15 miles on Sunday afternoon. My goal was to do a 15 mile loop around the Decatur/Emory area to avoid taking the MARTA since there were so many events going on the the city. Well, the plan went out the door once I realize it was so hot that I was drinking my hydration too quickly. At mile 5, I had drank half of the Ultima that I brought and I was concerned about giving out water in a residential neighborhood. I changed my route and headed to Midtown, more specifically I decided to run to the Cookout and just call it a day.

Once I got to the Cookout, got some water and Coke float I became energized and headed to the Beltline. I walked 2.5 miles on the Beltline to the Marta. There was a piano on the Beltline. Since I only had 3.75 miles to go to reach 15 miles, I decided to rough it out in Decatur and get the distance done.

While it was not the run I hoped for, what is training if crazy things don't happen? On to week 9.

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