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NYC Marathon Training Week 11

Disclaimer: I received a free 6 week coaching session with Ekiden to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Week 11 has been a turning point in my training for NYC. ATL is still hot and honestly I am tired of training. Thankfully, I was chosen to review Ekiden online coaching ( for 6 weeks. This was perfect timing since this will lead right to race day. Starting this week, I ditched my previous scheduled race plan and hopped on board with Coach Jenny.

To get the training started, I spoke to Jenny about my plans. I want to run low mileage during the week and get my long runs in on the weekend. I also spoke to her about getting my confidence back after my injury last year. After speaking to her, she laid out my plan for the week. I received daily text messages on my scheduled runs for the next day. I also signed up for Strava, which syncs with Garmin Connect, to track my runs.

Below was the plan for my first week.

The Details


I ran 4 miles in the morning using the plan. I really like the idea of using different paces for the mileage. I tend to start at fast and lose momentum near the end. It was so warm so I had time to cool down as well.


30-40 minute run at a easy pace to prep for Sunday's long run.

I ran the Atlanta Track Club Wingfoot Classic 5k to get those miles in with our training group.


18 mile run at easy pace

I have already decided that I am running intervals for NYC. For this run, I used 2:1 intervals. I was doing well until mile 14, at the point I got a bit overheated. A lot of the route was sunny with no shade. Once I finally finished and cooled down I found out the temp was 94 degrees. Not my best run, but I made it. On to week 12.

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