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JG 13.1

After much persuading and a 50% discount, I ran the JG 13.1 race to keep my streaker status. This is my third year running this race so my review will not be as extensive as previous years.

The Expo

The expo this year was at the Westin in downtown Atlanta. In the past it was at America's Mart. The size of the expo was about the same as the past. The difference in this year is that the expo was divided into two sections. One section had bib pick up, which was really quick. This section also had a skirt vendor and another station to meet Jeff Galloway. He is really nice and was taking pictures with the runners. I snagged a picture with him.

The second part of the expo was where we picked up our shirts and we had an opportunity to visit other vendors. I was there working at the Hot Chocolate Booth. We were next to Team Take Down Publix (TTDP) Marathon, which I joined. More about that later. My run pal Heather King had a wall of our photos at the booth.

The course

The course is the same as the previous years. It is classic ATL running (up the hill, down the hill and repeat many times). We started at 11 Street and ran toward the Carter Center. Next we hit the Beltline and headed to Virginia Highlands. After the hills, thrills, and chills we headed to Piedmont Park. We looped around the park and headed to the finish line.

I joined one of the pacing and groups and it was fun keeping the intervals. I eventually dropped out the group after 2 miles because I just enjoy running at my own pace. Also it was cold so I felt like I running slower.

Overall it was fun race. This year was significant because I was able to run. Last year I was at the end of the recovering from a femoral stress fracture so I had to power walk the race. I finished in 3 hrs, which was about an hour longer than the first year I ran it. This year I finished in 2:46, I was happy with my time. I even got a finisher picture with Jeff Galloway. A few days after the race we received a package of coffee.


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