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Staying warm with Buff® ThermoNet

Disclaimer: I received a free Buff® ThermoNet set to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

After training for the Chicago Marathon during the summer in 85+ degree heat, fall has been a welcomed change. With the change in seasons, comes the need for new Buff® gear ( The Buff® ThermoNet set includes a matching hat and multifunctional headwear piece for cooler temperatures.

Living in ATL doesn't lend itself to extremely cold temperatures, but the Buff® ThermoNet gear was sufficient for the upper 40-60 degree temperatures that we have experienced so far. Both pieces are insulated, fast drying, ,and made of 70% recycled content. I have growing Buff® headwear collection and I am glad to be able to add a hat to it.

Multifunctional headwear piece

This was my favorite item in the set. I used the headwear piece as a sweat grabber during runs. It's nice to be able wipe sweat away by gently waving hand across my face without having to use my shirt. The headwear piece held up during the Chicago Marathon. It wasn't oversaturated and didn't loosen or lose its shape during the race.

ThermoNet Hat

The hat was the most interesting piece of the collection. When I first received the items, I was concerned that it wouldn't fit on my head over all the hair. Surprising it fits (through my hair was fighting back). The hat kept my head and hair warm for our early morning Atlanta Track Club 5k training runs.

Overall I like both products. They worked well in Atlanta's fall 40 degree weather. I am a Buff® fan and I plan to use them for all my future running adventures.

Want to try one?

Use code BIBRAVETHERMONET20 and save 20% on items from the Buff® ThermoNet collection.

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