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+MD Compression: The marathon training saga

Disclaimer: I received a pair of +MD Sport compression calf sleeves to evaluate.

Training for the Flying Pig Marathon is in full swing. One of the best pieces of equipment I use during marathon training is compression clothing. I specifically like wearing compression tights, socks, and calf sleeves for runs over the 13 miles and for recovery. Compression is great during runs and is a miracle worker for recovery. It is known to help with blood flow and reduce injury. I am a firm believer that "Compression is the Truth".

As I continue to run toward race day, I am evaluating compression products to add to my current gear line up to help me in achieving my goal of running a sub 4:30 marathon. One product I am evaluating is +MD Sport ( calf sleeves. They are affordable compression calf sleeves that can be used for running and recovery. So how does the product measure up for training?

The Fit

The first step in choosing the best compression gear is the fit. I measured my calf to determine the size needed for the sleeve. I have big calves so I ordered size large. I ordered rose color to match my tights for training. The logo is printed on the back of the sleeves and the compression markings are on the front. I also noticed both labels are reflective for an added safety benefit.

The sleeves were easy to put on and was not overly constrictive. The sleeves are thin, which makes them easy to wear under fitted tights or other clothing.


I wore the sleeves for my 3 mile weekly run and an 11 mile training run for the Flying Pig Marathon. I also wore them for recovery after running the Hot Chocolate 15k and 12 miles for Gasparilla (15k followed by a 5k). The sleeves were great, especially for my 11 mile run. My legs felt great after the run. I was back to running my normal pace two days later.

My favorite use of calf sleeves is for recovery. I used them after running the Hot Chocolate 15k and two back-to-back Gasparilla races (20K total). My legs feel like they are being hugged as they recovered for the next run.

The Verdict

I enjoyed testing these calf sleeves. I plan to use them for recovery after long runs for the remainder of my Flying Pig Marathon training. I will probably wear them for recovery walks and shake out runs. My only suggestion for improvement would be to indicate which side is the front, since it is easy to wear the sleeves improperly.

Want to try?

Check out to order a pair.


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