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Tracking your race resume with Athlinks

Every year I get asked the same question, "How many Peachtree Road Races have you run?" Every year, I just guesstimate and throw out an answer (probably not the right one). Rather than try to remember the exact number, now I can I look it up on Athlinks ( Athlinks is an online platform that allows you claim all your races so you can keep up with all your results. So how does it work?

First set up an account at Since some races use the service for race registration, you may already have an account.

Once your account is set up then you go through the process of claiming all your races. If you have run a lot of races this step may take some time. You have an opportunity to view the race and results to make sure it is yours. Be careful, other runners may have the same name. You an also narrow the available races down by location to make the process run a little faster.

Claiming my races was a walk down memory lane. It took less than a hour to claim my races once I signed up. I log in after races and immediately claim my results to keep my race list current. So back to the enduring question of the number of Peachtree Road Races I have run, per Athlinks I have run 7.

Once you claim all your races, the software displays your PR for each distance. You can also check the stats for all your races and how you compare to other participants. My PRs remind me of what I am capable of and gives me a goal to aim for for future races.

Along with retrieving your results, you can also follow other runners. You can also set up rivals, runners who you can compare your stats to for fun. Right now I don't have rivals.

Ready to get started? Go to and let the fun begin.

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