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Half Marathon Training with Gatorade Endurance

Disclaimer: I received Gatorade Endurance products to evaluate. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Gatorade Endurance ( will always be close to my heart because it was the official drink of the New York City Marathon in 2016. From my first sip at mile 1 to last at mile 24, I was in marathon heaven. It was the best made Gatorade that I had ever had during any race (still is). So I was super thrilled to be chosen to train with Gatorade Endurance products for the Rock 'n' Roll Savannah half marathon as a member of the Gatorade Endurance Training Team.

For training I tested the Gatorade Endurance watermelon flavored drink, the gels, and energy blocks.

Watermelon Gatorade Endurance Drink

Normally my go to drink for runs are sugarless electrolyte drinks. The watermelon Gatorade Endurance drink was good. It reminded me of the NYC Marathon. The taste was great and the watermelon flavor was not overpowering. While the drink can seem strong, it had a good balance between the flavor and energy. I drank it during my weekly short runs and half marathon training runs. I even drank it during the Rock 'n' Roll Savannah half marathon. The drink was especially useful during the long hot runs at the beginning of the fall training season.

I plan to continue to use the Gatorade Endurance drink for future half marathon training runs and during the summer Peachtree Training runs.

Gatorade Endurance Gels

I normally use GU gels and I do not like the consistency, but they work for runs. The Gatorade Endurance gels are water-like and are drinkable, which makes them easier to use. I liked the flavor and their ease of use. I used them for half marathon long runs and took them at mile four or around an hour into the run. My favorite flavor is mango. I ran with the mango gel for the Rock 'n' Roll. They are easy to take and then clear your mouth by quickly swishing with water. If I am able to find the gels locally, I will add them to my gel line up.

Gatorade Endurance Energy Blocks

I do not use energy blocks so this was new territory for me. I usually avoid gummy or chewy running products because I do not want things sticking to my teeth. The Endurance blocks were surprisingly good and they were not sticky. I used them during mile 12 of the Rock 'n' Roll Savannah half marathon and during long training runs. I took 3 blocks around mile 4 (1 hour into the run) during long runs. I would take extra blocks when I needed more energy. I am impressed by this product and plan to continue to use them for future training.

Overall, I enjoyed the Gatorade Endurance products. I wish every race had them as an option. I had no digestive issues and the energy products worked to carry me through my runs. Since I have items left, I plan to continue to use them for future trainings.

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