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Energizing with Food Grove Mission Super Food Bites

Disclaimer: I received Food Grove Mission Super Food Bites to evaluate as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews!”

I am typically a bed to pavement runner. In doing that sometimes I don't have the proper nutrition to support my run. Since it takes all I have to get out the door (usually I can't find [just fill in the blank]), I just get dressed and start running. The Food Grove Mission Super Food Bites ( is great way to start a run or workout. The bites are quick and easy way to eat before you head out for your fitness adventure.

I tested three flavors: The Nutty Adventurer, Mother Earth, Holy Truffle Punch. I used the bites before my runs and trips to the gym. I also ate them as regular snacks. Each pack contains 10 bites, which is considered a serving, and the calories range from 190-230. Each flavor bring a unique taste to your appetite. The bites are soy, gluten and grain free. They are also non-GMO and Paleo friendly.

The Nutty Adventurer (210 calories)

The Nutty Adventurer has peanut butter, which is one my favorite pre-race snacks. If the package did not indicate there was peanut butter, I wouldn't have know that it was an ingredient. The peanut butter in the bites is barely detectable. Despite the lack of peanut butter flavor, the bites tasted fine. I ate them before my 5 mile training run. My run went well and I felt great.

Mother Earth (190 calories)

This was my favorite flavor. I liked how the ingredients (seeds, berries, and nuts) worked in harmony. I ate these as snacks on my way to work. They were great for breakfast.

Holy Truffle Punch (230 calories)

Holy Truffle Punch has dark chocolate. I normally don't like dark chocolate, but I really like these bites. The dark chocolate worked well with the other ingredients and was not bitter. They tied with Mother Earth as my favorite. I loved eating these before races. I ate these bites before the Hot Chocolate 15k.

Overall, I really like Food Groove Mission bites. I like they are portable and the portion size is enough for a workout. I plan to continue eating them before running or heading the gym. I always leave a pack in my car so that I could use them when needed.

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