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Locomotive Half Marathon 2019

This year was my second time pacing the Locomotive half marathon on Dec 15 in Kennesaw, GA. Unlike last year, this year I was sick (the theme of Dec) and pacing 3 hours were much more difficult. The race logistics and course was the same as last year. One of my favorite aspects of this race is that they offer race day pick up. This saved me from having to make 2 trips to Kennesaw (I live 30 minutes away).

The race started at Barrett Summit at 7:30 am. I wasn't 100% so between gels and cough drops I lead my group through the 13.1 miles. I enjoyed the course and the runners who ran with me. I missed my 3 hour time by 1 minute and I fully accept responsibility for my pacing performance. I was good until the last half mile and then my brain and body were done. This year they even had pancakes, but my brain was too fuzzy to even eat them. I finished, got my medal, and went home and slept.

If I am offered a pacing position next year I plan on redeeming my time. I also learned to not run when you are sick, it just doesn't work out well.


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