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January Racing and the journey to 150

This year my goal to run a sub 2 half marathon and to weight 150 lb by my birthday in November. This month I have been working hard everyday at controlling my diet and being more purposeful in my workouts. This semester I have Fridays off and as a compromise, the other four day of the week are jammed packed. I have been successful in meal planning and avoiding snacks (my weakness) during the week. During my work day I have been eating plant-based meals (bean salads, veggie wraps, nuts, and fruit). My dinners are prepped on Sunday so we when I get home I have no excuse to eat fast food.

As for running, this month I have no scheduled races. This has been much needed rest for my body since I am slowly ramping up my training for the Savannah Women's half marathon. I have been running and walking on my own. In Feb, I will be ramping up my miles to get my pace down so I can get closer to 9:15 min/mile.

Next race is Hot Chocolate ATL on Feb 2 where I will be coming back as the Sweeper.


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