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2021 is here!

We made it to 2021. To prep for a great running year, I took the last week off to rest and relax. This year I am continuing for my 6th year as a BibRave Pro. I am also serving as a captain. We received some really nice swag for our BibRave Pro kit. I am most excited about the headband.

This year, I have three main fitness goals.

  1. Run a sub 2 half marathon. (Yes that has a been a goal for FOREVER, but I plan to keep trying until I reach that goal)

  2. Train consistently for both running and weight training.

  3. Eat like athlete to support goals 1 and 2.

I don't know what 2021 holds for in person races, but I plan to train as if they are going to happen. Even if all my races are converted to virtual, I am going to still work through all the goals.

What are you goals for 2021?


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