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Compression with Body Helix

Disclaimer: I received a Body Helix compression calf sleeve to evaluate as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews!”

Compression is the truth and all things good about running. Personally, I love compression gear because it aids in recovery and makes running long distances so much better. It also makes you look good in the mirror. Since retiring from marathons in 2018, I haven't worn any compression gear.

This year, I have been dealing with and odd pain in my knee and leg. I think it was due to sitting for too long. Due to the pain and uncertainty a few weeks ago I suspended the sub 2 half marathon project and honestly worried about my racing season this year. Thankfully the pain stopped (it was truly a miracle) and I am now back on track for a great running year. To stay healthy and pain free, I also supplementing my long runs with a Body Helix compression calf sleeve.

The Body Helix calf sleeve is easy to put and take off. At the time of this blog, I only had one sleeve that I mostly wore on my right leg. I wore the sleeve under my running tights with no problems. The sleeve stayed in place and honestly, I forgot it was there. I didn't have to tug or adjust it during any of my runs. The compression was spot on. It is also easy to clean, just throw it into the washing machine with your running gear.

I wore the sleeve for my weekly 5k runs, Publix half marathon training runs, and the Publix half marathon. On all the occasions, the sleeve was great. I did run with the sleeve on my left leg during one run and all was well. My Publix half marathon recovery went quickly, two days after the race I was ready to hit the pavement for my next running adventure.

Overall I really enjoyed testing the Body Helix compression calf sleeve and I plan to continue wearing them for training for the Savannah Women's half Marathon. I want to recover faster and keep any leg aches at bay. I also thankful that Body Helix sent a second sleeve for me to wear this week. Now that I have a pair, both legs will be running happy.

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