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February is here!

After only recording 1.83 miles in January, I made it to February. The good news is that my foot is healing and I can start walking without my boot and eventually graduate to running. Even though I wasn't running last month, all was not lost. I decided to use my time to get some much needed upper body training with the Peloton app.

I am love with the Peloton app. There is a workout for EVERYONE! I love that the workouts range from 5 to 45 minutes. The app offers mediation, yoga, strength, or machine-driven classes. Since I don't have the bike or treadmill, I have been taking the mediation, yoga, and strength classes. I also like that the classes have themes around artists or books (ex: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes). Since my arms and core have been neglected since I am just lazy, the app has been instrumental in strengthening those areas.

My goals for February is continue working out with Peloton app and to power walk. At the end of the month I hope to move on with running intervals.



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