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Goodbye October

October has been great running month for me. I even completed a few virtual races, including a half marathon. I worked through my Garmin half marathon training plan and everything about my running skills have greatly improved.

I am currently in my third Garmin training plan. When I first got started in March I was still running intervals at a high 12 min/mile pace. I still have the goal of running a sub 2 hr half marathon and the training is helping me get faster each week. Since the weather has cooled off and the humidity has moved on to bother someone else, I am now running low 11 min/mile pace with few stops and slowly creeping into the 10 min/mile range. While I have run intervals in the past, they can be mentally challenging for me since I just focus on when I get walk again. My overall goal is get back to running continuously and focus only on finishing.

While the race cancellations have been a disappointment, it has actually been a blessing in disguise. I have been able to focus on my performance and not medal chasing. I have also been able to run on my own terms and improve my stamina.

For November, I plan to participate a monthly mileage challenge and get ready for my birthday (11/18). I will continue training with my virtual Garmin coach and run more virtual races.


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