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I'm Back: 2023 Peachtree Road Race Training

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

It has been awhile since I have posted, but I am back. I am happy to announce that after a 3 year hiatus, I served as a Saturday Atlanta Track Club Run Lead. I have volunteered as a run lead since 2013 in various capacities (Peachtree Road Race 10k training to marathon). Returning as a run lead reminded me of the community of runners that have become such as an integral part of my life.

My journey to becoming a Saturday run lead actually happened accidently. I signed up to volunteer on Wednesday at a location near my home. However, I wasn't chosen for that position so I took a leap of faith and joined the new Lee + White location on the southside. The goal of the adding a new location on the southside is increase the presence of Atlanta Track Club in the city and give local residents an opportunity to run in their neighborhood.

The southside is great in that it is part of the Atlanta Beltline. The location had a real bathroom (some have porta potties) and low elevation, which is rare for ATL. The best part is that part of Beltline is shielded from cars with few crosswalks, so we don't have worry about being hit or crossing multiple streets.

We had a wonderful participants and after 12 weeks of training, we are Peachtree Road Race ready! Best wishes to everyone who will be braving the heat on July 4 in pursuit of the beloved Peachtree Road Race tee-shirt.



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