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Memory Monday: 2015 Hot Chocolate ATL 15k Race

Today's Memory Monday is dedicated to the 2015 Hot Chocolate ATL 15k race. This race was special to me for two reasons. The first reason was that it was the first year medals were introduced for the race series. Only the 15k finishers earned the medal. I had ran the race the first year in 2014 and vowed to not return since it was too expensive for just a sweat shirt. Once the medals were introduced I came back and have been running ever since.

My second reason the race was special was that it was my first year as a race ambassador. That year, I had over 200 registrations with my special code and had a great time serving in that role. I served as ambassador from 2105 until 2018.

2015 had great weather and I was all smiles when I earned my medal. I am looking forward to this year's virtual race.



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