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Memory Monday & My54 Virtual Race

Today's Memory Monday was dedicated to the virtual Selma to Montgomery relay. This year my team had planned to run the 9 person relay from Selma to Montgomery that follows the route of the 1965 March. Due to the pandemic, the race was converted to a virtual race. While I was scheduled to run a 10k for the relay, I ran the the entire 54 miles over the course of a month. The medal and tee shirt were beautiful.

Last month civil rights heroes John Lewis and Rev C.T. Vivian passed away. Their lives, sacrifice, and legacies paved the way for the freedom and opportunities that I am blessed to enjoy. The My54 initiative ( is a virtual run that commemorates the 54 miles from Selma to Montgomery. Participates will complete the miles by running, walking, or biking to celebrate the lives of John Lewis and Rev C.T. Vivian by August. The race is free and participants can use Strava to track their miles.

Sign up for the #my54 initiative at Logo take from the website.


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