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Destination Run Season

Spring and summer in Georgia are very hot and make running unpleasant. The great thing is that I am not training for a half marathon, so there is no reason to stress my body out in the heat. However, to maintain my fitness during these months I have created destination runs. These are low mileage, early morning runs that have a destination as the goal distance. Every week I will post a new destination and great pictures about the run.

Run #1: 4/23/15

Destination--Emory University

Distance: 2.99 miles

Run #2: 4/26/15

Destination--Inman Park Festival

Distance: 5 miles

Run #3: 5/21/15

Destination--Downtown Minneapolis

Distance: 3.2 miles

Run #4: 5/2815

Destination--DeFuniak Springs, FL (my hometown)

Distance: 3.0 miles

Run #5: 5/30/15

Destination--University of Florida

Distance: 10.1 miles

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