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The Best Compression Tights

Disclaimer: I received a pair of 2XU Elite MCS Compression Tights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Before I had an opportunity to test these 2XU Elite MCS Compression tights (, I had a real fear of compression items due to them being too tight. These tights have really changed my outlook on compression wear and I am in love with them. Why?

1. The fit

These tights very easy to put on and they fit like second skin. If the tights didn't have the large gold print, I would wear them like fashion pants. They are also easy to take off. The best part is that my legs do not feel like they are being uncomfortably constricted.

2. Performance

The tights feel great while running. My legs feel supported and they help to minimize the pain in my sore muscles. They didn't slip and it was almost like they weren't there.

3. Recovery

These pants are great for recovery after a long run or on rest day. They offer supportive compression for sore muscles without being overly constrictive.

Overall, these tights are amazing. The only thing I would change would be the variety of colors that they have (I like funky prints). I plan on purchasing another pair in the future and I highly recommend these tights to others (3 of my friends bought them too!).

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