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The problem with hydration

Disclaimer: I received Mestrength electrolyte drink mix to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

I am deep into training for the Dopey Challenge and one issue that I face is hydration on long runs. I struggle between the decision of whether to drink water or some type of electrolyte replacement. While I love water, I tend to get cramps from drinking it. I also seems to drink it more often which leads to frequent bathroom breaks and of course, cramps. I like electrolyte replacements, such as sports drinks, but after a while the sugar makes my mouth feel weird.

So I can continue to find the best hydration product, I was excited for the opportunity to try Mestrength ( Mestrength contains electrolytes and creatine (5g) and has no carbs or calories. Initially, I was skeptical because I do not like the flavor of most electrolyte products, including sports drinks. I tried three Mestrength flavors: lemon lime, strawberry kiwi, and fruit punch.

Mixing it up

The product comes in a small package that you mix with 16.9-20 oz of water. It dissolves very quickly. The strawberry kiwi flavor smelled so good I almost wanted to eat the dry powder out the pack. Thankfully, I followed directions and mixed it with water.

The taste

For a product that doesn't have sugar, it was sweet and tasted really good. I didn't have to dilute it or mix it with another product to enhance the flavor. This was exciting and made trying the product enjoyable.


I used the product before and after my runs. I really enjoyed the flavor and it worked well to replenish my electrolytes after running. It taste so good, that I will probably use it more regularly as I get closer to the Dopey Challenge races so that the electrolyte loss isn't so great as the training gets more challenging.

The verdict

I really enjoyed Mestrength electrolyte drink and I will use it for my long training runs. It tastes great and doesn't leave that sugary feels in your mouth like drinking sports drinks.

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