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Can't keep a good runner down

Well with fall running season in full swing, I have had this lingering nagging pain in my hip. After weeks of ignoring it and limping around, I finally went to a doctor. Sadly, I have been diagnosed with a stress fracture in my femur. What's really interesting about this injury is that I didn't really know that I was hurt. The pain wasn't bad, but would not resolve itself. Right now I am in the middle of Dopey Challenge training and I am limited to the bike and pool. My goal is to follow doctor's orders, which means I probably won't be racing for the remainder of the year. I want to run/walk through the Dopey Challenge as healthy as possible. I am doing to take advantage of an opportunity to try other methods of exercises and train the best I can with the equipment that is available. I will tighten up on my nutrition, which as been lacking this season I plan to stay Dopey Strong!

Thanks Jessica Moore for the Dopey Challenge bracelet.


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