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Stress Fracture Update

Well 5 weeks ago I found out I had a femoral stress fracture. I have not run since then and I have been working out on the bike and in the pool. All this pool and biking got me thinking about a Ironman, but I need to get well first.

At my check up this week, I found that the stress fracture is healing. I have been following doctor's orders and taking vitamins and calcium supplements. I also have used my crutch, aka the accessory, at all times. Thankfully, I am progressing to weaning myself off the crutch and the next stop is the elliptical.

I am still staying Dopey strong and I will walk the challenge. Maybe I will actually enjoy the rather than just running past the characters. I am also using this time to work on my upper body strength. I am very grateful that there are excercises that I can do.

As I said in my original post, You can't keep a good runner down. I will overcome this injury and change my running habits, so I will not to experience it again.

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