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Last Week of Dopey Training

Well now that I am healed I decided to resume my Dopey Challenge training as scheduled. I made it to week 8 of the training program before I was sidelined by the stress fracture. I stopped running right before I was suppose to run 16 miles. The race is three weeks away and I want to make sure that I can complete all four races in the specified time limit. The last week of training is a simulated Dopey Challenge training excerise that incorporates four consecutive days of running.

Day 1-2.5 miles

Day 2-5 miles

Day 3-10 miles

Day 4-20 miles

My strategy was to alternate between running and power walking. Thankfully, I completed all four distances in less than a 16 min/mile pace. What was interesting about Day 4 is that it took me longer to run 20 miles than to run my first marathon.

Have to rebuild my pace after 2 month off is humbling, but I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to run the Dopey Challenge. Mickey, Minnie, Dopey here I come!!!!

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