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Peachtree Road Race 2016

July 4th marked another Peachtree Road Race. I think this is my 7th or 8th race (I have lost count). I ran the race as a new member of Team Beef to support awareness of the nutritional benefit of eating beef. The last 2 races have had great weather, which allowed me to run a sub 60 time. This year, however, the weather was on fire. It felt like the devil was chasing all 60,000 runners down Peachtree Street. Since I have hit my goal of running a sub 60 race two years in a row, I decided to just enjoy the race. I ran through all the sprinklers, walked a little, and just had a great time. My time was 1:10, which wasn't that bad. I cross the finish line like I won the Olympic gold medal and quickly collected my coveted tee-shirt.

The Peachtree Road Race is the first race in the Triple Peach Series. I am looking forward to the 10 miler in October. Hopefully by then the heat and humidity will be on vacation.

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