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Keeping running fun with Fun Run Box

Disclaimer: I received an Oktoberfest Fun Run Box to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Nothing makes marathon training interesting like a running challenge. Near the end of Chicago Marathon training I started to feel burned out. Maybe it was weekly long runs or the heat. It could have been a combination of both. Participating in the September Oktoberfest Fun Run Box ( challenge was a great way to lift my spirits for the last weeks leading up to the Chicago Marathon.

For the Fun Run Box Challenge everyone is assigned to a team and receives a box of goodies. The box contains a tee-shirt, virtual race bib, a Roll and Go Massager, a hat, a bottle of Jelly Belly Beans. A handout was also included in the box that detailed the instructions for the 6 activities for the individual and team challenges for the month. The handout also had training schedule to help prep for the 5 mile virtual run. Since I was the midst of marathon training, I didn't use the training schedule.

I was on Team #FRBTeamDoxie with a few of my other BibRave Pro buddies and other great runners. Our goal was to complete the six activities listed below. Once each activity was completed we took pictures and posted them on Facebook and Instagram with special hashtags for identification. The pictures were later loaded to the secret competition page on an external website where everyone who was participating in the challenge would cast their votes for their favorite pictures. The team that got the most votes for the post pictures for all the activities received a $5 gift card to the Fun Run Box store. The individual who received the most votes for their picture for all 6 activities received a $50 gift card to the store. So how did my team do with all the activities?

6 Activities for the Oktoberfest Challenge

1. Post a pic with the Roll & Go Massager

2. Post a pic of a past race and comment on why you loved it.

I choose the Big Peach Sizzler from Labor Day 2017 since it was the first time in a while that I ran without over analyzing the run. My time reflected my effort and moment of enlightenment.

3. Post a shot of your watch displaying the 5 mile virtual run results

4. Snap a selfie with the FRB 5 mile Dachs Trucker Hat

5. Post a pic with Jelly Belly Beer Beans while enjoying a drink (I choose tea after the 5 mile virtual run)

6. Post a selfie with your 5 mile Dachs shirt and/or your bib

After a month of fun challenges, my team WON! Team #FRBTeamDoxie took the win for the Oktoberfest Fun Run Box Challenge and I received my $5 gift card for the store.

While I enjoyed this product, there are a few things I would improve. The first thing is more clarity on the hashtags for individual versus team challenges. I wasn't always clear on when to tag my team. Using the tags incorrectly could result in duplicate pictures for voting. Another improvement would be to make the ability to vote for pictures easier. To vote, we clicked on the picture and then there was an extra confirmation step. I would eliminate the confirmation step so we can move through the pictures faster.

Overall I think the Fun Run Box is great way to mix up your training and keep new and seasoned runners motivated. The challenge and team aspect makes running a little more interesting. It certainly made the last month of Chicago Marathon training more exciting.

What to try?

Click here to find out about the current Fun Run Box challenge.

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