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Gliding into NYC training with Body Glide

Disclaimer: I received Body Glide to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

This is my second week of training for the New York City Marathon. One issue I have is chafing. I chafe everywhere when running distances greater than 6 miles. I have been successful with other chafing products, but I have never had a chance to try Body Glide ( As a runner, I like to have different options for all the products that I use in the event that I cannot find a specific product right when I need it.

So how effective is Body Glide in protecting my skin from chafing?

The product

Body glide is a solid product that comes in a stick applicator that resembles deodorant. Just like deodorant, the the product is adjusted using the dial at the bottom of the the tube. Body glide is applied by rubbing it over your skin that is prone to chafing (for me that's everywhere). It is easy to apply over the body. It forms a thin, non greasy layer to protect your skin from the friction generated from fabrics rubbing against your skin. My only complaint is that the product tends to pick up skin debris on the surface, just like deodorant. But, overall the product can be cleaned off for the next use.

Running with Body Glide

I used Body Glide for all my runs for a month (3-12 miles). The summer weather has made my skin more sensitive to chafing, especially my thighs. I applied it to my chest, back, and lower body. I did not experienced chafing in the areas that it was applied. The product was not greasy, which meant it didn't ruin my clothes. It also survived rain and sprinklers.

I also used it on my thighs when I wore dresses during my family reunion (it's not just for running). I plan to add Body Glide to my anti chafing product line up for my run adventures.

Want to try Body Glide?

Go to or your local running store to purchase products.

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