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Flying through another week of NYC Marathon Training (Week 10)

Disclaimer: I received a pair of AMPLA FLY shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Today marks the end of week 10 of NYC Marathon training. Since it's raining outside, I am going to postpone my scheduled long run and rest to prep for week 11. Overall the week went well and I have 2 weeks until the infamous 20 mile run. I am continually testing products to improve my performance and endurance. This review is a new endeavor for me since I rarely test new shoes.

I am a proud card carrying member of Team Brooks! I love to "run happy" and until a year ago I had not worn other brand of shoes. Last year I started wearing Mizuno shoes for Atlanta Track Club training because they are the official apparel sponsor. Like most runners, I usually stick to what works for all my gear, especially my shoes. During this training season for the NYC Marathon, I decided to test AMPLA FLY shoes ( to possibly expand my shoe line up.

AMPLA FLY shoes are the brainchild of a Harvard scientist. They are neutral shoe that is design to support runners who are midfoot strikers. They are an interesting brand of shoes that has an unconventional structure. The sole of the shoe looks like it is two separate pieces. When I first put them on it felt a bit weird. I was afraid to walk down the steps at my house, but after a few moments of walking, all was well. I wear stability shoes and I am a heel striker so it was interesting to see how I performed in the shoes.

The Fit

The shoes fit my feet comfortably and they are normal weight. The shoe was bit loose, but better shoe lacing techniques probably would have made them tighter. The toe box is slightly smaller than my normal shoe line up. It was about half an inch smaller than my Brooks and a quarter inch smaller than my Mizunos. A smaller toe box didn't have an impact on my performance for my evaluation. I did not run in the shoes for distances longer an a 10k, so I am not sure how my toes would feel after a marathon or half.


I wore the AMPLA FLY shoes for my weekly Tuesday training runs and for my 5k leg of the Running Nerds 20k Relay. While running, I liked the cushioning and I felt like I had an extra bounce in my step. I could tell the toe box was smaller, but it was not a major issue. I was able to run normally and I felt great after each run.

One thing I noticed is the shoe sole wears quickly. I am a heel striker and my shoe has major wear on that part of sole. AMPLA is aware of the rapid wear and offered replace the shoe.

Overall verdict

I enjoyed testing the shoe and I will probably continue to wear them for my short runs (less than 6 miles). Since I need a stability shoe, I will remain on Team Brooks for my long distance adventures.

Want to try AMPLA Fly?

Visit to order a pair.

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