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Bringing out the funk in my clothes

Disclaimer: I received a sample of 2TOMS Sports Detergent and Stink Free Shoe and Gear Spray to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Everyone knows that I like to bring the funk to the pavement with the brightest and cutest running clothes. Like most runners the only funk I have after a run is the smell caused by sweat from all the effort. Thankfully, I have so many pieces of running clothes that they don't have that embedded sweaty smell that can be difficult to remove after a few runs. I also put my clothes directly into the washing machine and clean them within a day or two of running. While my clothes are ok, my car and running gear are a different story. Despite my efforts to use towels to catch my sweat after runs, my car rotates between smelling fresh or the inside of a stinky gym locker room. My running gear isn't so lucky on the frequent washes.

So to battle the funk factor, I tested 2TOMS Sports Detergent and Stink Free Spray ( to see if they could help with the glorious afterglow smell that comes with running and working out.

2TOMS Sports Detergent

The detergent has a blue, lightly scented formula that has the consistency of water. It isn't thick like a concentrated detergent or have a heavy scent. I had two samples and used them both to wash loads of running clothes. My clothes came out fine and I like that they were clean.

Stink Free Shoe and Gear Spray

Since my car smells like sweat I always keep a bottle of Febreeze in my car. I used the Stink Free Spray for my car and it worked great. The smell was neutralized and did not have a heavy perfume smell. It also didn't stain my beige car seats. I also used the spray for my shoes to clean them up.

The ultimate test for the spray was to freshen my hydration pack that I wore for 18 miles in 90 degree heat that was not cleaned for a week and a half. The backpack reeked of sweat before I sprayed it. I sprayed it and the next day the smell was gone. If it wasn't for the visible salt deposits, I would pick up and wear it without washing it.

While I like both products, I will continue to use the Stink Free Spray for my car and gear. If they ever make the detergent in pod form, I would be game. Now my car can stay fresh and gym smell can stay in a locker room far away.

Want to Try?

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