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NYC Marathon has arrived

After what feels like an eternity, the NYC Marathon weekend has arrived. Here's my recap of the first day.


I had a 5:55 am Southwest Flight from Atlanta. Thankfully, there were no delays. We arrived early, which allowed my crew and I plenty of time at expo.


The NYC Marathon has the most extensive expo that I have ever attended. Just walking into the convention center is amazing. The first stop was bin pick up. That was super fast. Along the wall adjacent to the pick up was a mural of the journey from start to finish through all the 5 boroughs.

After bib pick up, we had an opportunity to try on the participant shirts. I tried on the both men and women shirts and opted for a men's shirt due to the fit. I really love the color and long sleeves.

After picking up my shirt it was time to go shopping. Asics is the official apparel sponsor and they had tons of branded gear for sell. I bought a shirt, headband, and a drinking glass.

I also visited the The North Face and purchased a shirt. There were plenty of great vendors selling tons of products.

We found one of the Smile Markers at the convention center. There are 26 markers scattered throughout the city that can collected by app.

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