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I SPI the end of the 2016 marathon season

Disclaimer: I received a SPIbelt Perfomance Series to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Marathon training for this year is over!!! My soul, legs, and life are rejoicing. I enjoy racing, but training is not always fun. This year I ran 4 marathons (Disney, Rock 'n' Roll NOLA, Montgomery Marathon, and NYC Marathon). Sometimes I can't even believe it. One thing about each race, except for the NYC Marathon, was I was able to take a hydration backpack with me for the race. For NYC, we would only use waist belts for the race to hold our water and items. The timing to test the Perfomance Series SPIbelt ( was perfect for the race.

The Product

This is my second SPIbelt. I also have the H20 Venture belt. The biggest difference between the belts is that the performance belt has a thinner waist band and has four loops for carrying gels. It also features large zippered pouch to hold a cell phone, keys, and any snacks.

The Fit

One thing I love about SPIbelt is that the belt has great support. The belt is made of sturdy material that is tough, but not tight. This keeps the belt from slipping and moving during a run. I only have to move and adjust the belt when I want to retrieve items. I really like the smaller width belt.

Holding My Stuff

I have Galaxy S6 and the phone fit into the pocket with the case on. I could also add a full size Cliff bar and a single key in the pocket with the phone. I used the belt for my last few weeks of training for NYC and for the race. For the training runs, I only carried my phone and my single car key. One thing to note is that the SPIbelt is not waterproof (this is noted on the company's website). For the NYC Marathon, I stored my full size Cliff bar and my phone in the pocket. I placed my phone in a sandwich bag so it wouldn't be exposed to sweat for nearly 6 hours during the race. I used also the 4 belt loops to hold my GU gels for the race.

The NYC Marathon went well. I was thankful for the ease of grabbing my GU from the belt. My phone also survived the race without water damage. Overall, I like the quality of the SPIbelt and I will continue to wear it for all my running adventures.

Want to try one?

Use code bibchat2016 for 20% off until orders until 11/18 at

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