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UCAN have dessert

Disclaimer: I received UCAN Protein Powder to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

As 2016 slowly winds down, I am getting ready to leave Taperville to get back to marathon training for the Publix Marathon in March. Due to the tough course, my only goal I have for the race is to finish. As always, my biggest concern is hitting the wall and watching my energy slowly slip away. One of my strategies is to drink UCAN ( prior to the race. UCAN has SuperStarch that is formulated to maintain your blood glucose levels during physical activities

Another great thing about UCAN is that not only can be used as a sports drink for energy for an activity and recovery, it can also be used to make smoothies and puddings. You get the same benefit as the regular drink, but with the added ingredients you get extra nutrients and flavor. The fun part of this product testing experience was that I could let my inner Martha Stewart out to make these concoctions. The recipe book that was included with the product also had some great ideas.


The smoothies elevate the flavor and nutrition of UCAN. I will admit that UCAN has a distinct flavor that can err on the side of tasting chalky. Adding various ingredients helps make the flavor more palatable. I created the two shakes below.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

Ingredients: Chocolate UCAN protein powder, peanut butter, and cold water

I mixed this shake up in my handheld prior to the Hot Chocolate Tampa 15k race. Due to lack of the blender the peanut butter did not complete dissolve, but chunks of it mixed with the smoothie. It was good, but again you could taste the distinctive UCAN flavor. Despite the flavor, the shake powdered me through the race. I did not have to take any gels or other additional nutrition.

Chocolate Banana Shake

Ingredients: Vanilla UCAN protein powder, ½ banana, Hot Chocolate branded chocolate, and cold water

I used left over chocolate bars from the Hot Chocolate to make this shake. I blended the vanilla powder with the ingredients in a blender. I drunk half of the shake as a meal replacement and the remaining shake for recovery after my morning run the next day.


Ingredients: Chocolate UCAN protein powder and hot water

Sooo, now I know why you don’t mix UCAN with hot water to help it dissolve faster for drinking. Hot water mixed with UCAN makes pudding. Initially I made plain chocolate pudding. It wasn’t overly sweet and had the consistency of commercially available pudding. I stored the pudding in the fridge overnight and the next day I prepared a parfait with strawberries, chocolate, and cashews. Both desserts were good, not overly sweet.

The Verdict

I think using UCAN smoothies and pudding as a low-calorie snack for race prep and recovery. I will admit that UCAN has a distinctive flavor that can be chalky, but the product works. I plan to use it for next year for Publix, Big Sur, and the Chicago Marathons.

Want to Try?

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