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Soaking to Recovery

Disclaimer: I received Epsoak Sport Epsom Salt to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Recovery! Some runners take recovery serious, while others totally ignore it. I fall somewhere in the middle. For runs shorter than a 15k, After the run, I might stretch and take nap or go shopping, depending on how I feel. To complete my recovery, I also take the next day off to let any aches and pains subside. For longer runs, I take as many days as I need to recover from the pain of running. While rest is probably the best thing you can do for recovery, I am always looking for other products to speed up my recovery so I can return to the pavement for another adventure.

I really hate foam rolling and ice baths, which is probably what I need to be using after training runs. I never thought about soaking with Epsom salt for recovery, since I usually just hop in and out the shower after workouts. Epsoak Sport Epsom Pro Soothing salt ( combines the power of Epsom salt with lavender essential oil.

The product

The white salt arrived in an 8.5 lb canister. It took a little bit of effort to dig the scoop out, but I used my engineering skills to retrieve it. I used the recommended 2 scoops for optimal recovery. Once I get back to running double digit distance I will opt for 4 scoops, but that’s in near future (like next week). The salt dissolves rapidly, even in lukewarm water.

Soaking for recovery

I first used the product the day after running the JG 13.1 race. I soaked for 20 minutes and rested for the day. My legs felt amazing after soaking. I also loved the lingering lavender smell.

I used the Epsoak after the Hot Chocolate Tampa 15K. My muscles really needed it. The next day there was no pain. I still took a rest day since I am working on running every other day. I also soaked after running a few 5 and 10ks in my pursuit of running 1,000 miles for 2016.

The salt was not irritating and honestly, I wanted to run every day just so I could have a reason to soak. My mother, who has very sensitive skin, was able to use the product without any issues. My skin wasn’t overly dry or scaly after using the product.

The Verdict

I really enjoyed using EPSOAK Epsom salt and I plan to added to my bag of recovery products. I really wished I had a heated tub to keep the water hot so I can soak all day.

Want to Try?

Use code RAVE10 to save 10% on 5 lb bags.

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