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Can you see me now?

Disclaimer: I received 3M Brilliant Reflective Safety Strips to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

I will admit that running in the dark is not one of my favorite activities. In Atlanta the broken and raised sidewalk seem to mysteriously appear out of nowhere at night. I am also concerned about being seen by drivers and cyclists. While I do have a yellow reflective vest, I seem to either forget it at home or I am too lazy to get it out of my car for running group. Thankfully the running store where we meet for our weekly runs, has lights and reflective vests that we can borrow. One solution for replacing my elusive safety vest (at this time I am not really sure where it is) are 3M Brilliant Reflective Safety Strips ( 3M Brilliant Reflective Safety Strips are adhesive reflective strips that are available in two forms: stick-on and iron-on.

Stick-on strips

The stick-on strips are removable and can be placed on running gear, clothes, and helmets. I used the stick-on strips on my clothes, SPIbelt, and jacket. It was great to be able to place the strips in any pattern on your clothes. After the run, I simply removed the strips and put them back in the pack.

My nephew also had an opportunity to try the stick-on strips. He had a lot of fun wearing them on his jacket while we took a stroll around the neighborhood in the dark.

One issue I experienced with the strips was placing them on areas where the clothes were form fitting, like the front of my thighs. Those strips tended to fall off during the run. After I found my strips, I saved them to run another day.

Iron-on strips

The iron-on strips are permanent. Just like the stick-on strips, they can be placed on many items. I used the iron-on strips on my SPIbelt and a shirt.

To adhere the strips, you place the strip in the desired location on the item and over with a paper towel. You then heat the strip with an iron set to medium temp for 30-60 seconds. Once the strip cools, you then remove the clear lamination sheet. The process was really easy and the strips adhered well.

The strips were bright and did not peel off during my run. They also survived the washing machine and dryer the next day.

The Verdict

I really like the Brilliant strips and I plan to use them in the future. One day I plan to be creative and make design with the strips on my gear and clothes. I highly recommend that runners, cyclists, and anyone who is out in the dark wear the strips for their own safety so they can be seen by cars and other runners.

Want to try?

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