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Packing it up with Eagle Creek Pack-It

Disclaimer: I received an Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport Active Set as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

I am currently on my 50 states race quest. So far I have put a stamp on FL, GA, NY, WI, PA, LA, and AL. Next Sunday, I will be crossing CA off my list with the Big Sur Marathon. One of the biggest challenges I encounter traveling for races is having to haul sweaty, stinky gear back in my luggage. Thankfully during the Dopey Challenge last year I was able to wash my clothes after the first three races, but I still had to trek my stinky marathon clothes home. I usually pack my used running gear in multiple plastic bags, but the Eagle Creek Pack-it Sport ( is more eco-friendly and convenient option.

The product

The Pack-it sport 2 piece active set comes in a simple package with the shoe locker and wet dry fitness locker. Both pieces are water-resistant and contain antimicrobial agents that prevent bacteria growth and the associated odor.

Shoe Locker

The shoe locker is designed to store shoes after a workout. It is a zippered bag that has a tag for hanging. It has small shoe tag sewn on the front to mark it as a shoe bag. My size 9.5 shoes fit comfortably in the locker. The large shoe locker can fit up to a men's size 13. Using the locker beats having to wrap my shoes in a plastic bag or just dumping them in the trunk of my car.

Wet Dry Fitness Locker

The wet dry fitness locker has pockets on both sides of the bag. One pocket has a zipper and fit a few items of clothing. It is designed to store wet clothes The second pocket has a folding closure and it is designed to store dry clothes. It has a distinctive icon that is sewn on the front similar to the shoe locker. I tested the bag's ability to prevent wet and dry clothes from mixing in the two pockets and it worked!

Zippered pocket to hold wet items.

Pocket to hold dry items

I stored my wet clothes after running in the rain and running a race in both pockets of the wet-dry fitness locker (no dry clothes for either event). I then stored the locker, along with the foot locker in my gym bag. My gym bag was dry and didn't have that funky gym smell.

I also like using both lockers to store my items (keys, phone, water bottle) for trips to the gym. Both lockers are portable and can be washed between uses.

The Verdict

Bring on the sweaty Big Sur Marathon clothes and shoes next week. They are going to be snugly packed in my Eagle Creek Pack-It lockers for the trip back home. I plan to use both lockers for all my traveling running adventures.

Want to try?

Use code SPORT15 & save 15% on all Pack-It Sports products. Happy running!

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