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Running safe with Knuckle Lights

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Knuckle Lights Colors as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Thousands of runners each year are involved in traffic-related accidents. One aspect of being a runner is making sure drivers can see us in the dark. One thing I am passionate about is runner safety on and off the pavement. Darkness usually provides cooler runs, but requires safe gear to make sure we can be seen. We also need to be able to spot all the broken sidewalk and critters of the night.

Previously I have tested reflective products that help with visibility, but having lights are equally important. I currently use small clip on lights and a headlamp for dark runs. I am always searching for bright lights to illuminate the way. Knuckle Lights ( are handheld lights that are fit snuggly on your knuckles. So do they measure up to my current light gear?

The Lights

The lights come in a pair that each require an AA battery. The lights are magnetic and stick together for easy storage. There are three body color options: blue, black, and pink. The lights have three modes: low power, high power, and flashing. To change the mode the user presses the button on the top of each light.

The Knuckle Light band is adjustable so you can fit the light snuggly on your hand.

Illuminating the way

I ran in the mornings to test the lights using the high power and flashing settings. One thing I like about the lights is that it gives a wide field of view for the area that you are using it in. ATL is notorious for broken and uneven sidewalks so I appreciated being able to see any imperfections to avoid tripping. The lights are not too heavy and once I started running I didn't notice their weight. I also like the magnetic feature, which I took advantage of when I stored them on my belt loop during my run.

One improvement I would make to the lights is adding more cushion to the contact point between the lights and knuckles. The back of my hands are bony so a little more cushion would be good. It wasn't a major discomfort since my runs were short (5k max). It also could be an indication that the light was too tight on my hands.

The Verdict

I really like the lights and I plan to use them for future dark runs. Just like my headlamp, I plan to leave them in my car so that I have no excuse for forgetting my lights.

Want to try?

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