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10 meal vegan with Luvo

Disclaimer: I received Luvo Meals to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

With the rise of different food documentaries and just the desire to be healthier, many of my friends are adopting a vegan diet. Every season my church participates in the Daniel's Fast (vegan with no processed items or sugar) and I tried and made it 8 days into the 30 day fast. It was harder than I thought. While being plant powered is interesting to me, I do not eat enough veggies to live off them exclusively. I have always thought that if I had someone to prepare my meals, then being a vegan wouldn't be so hard.

To experiment with being a vegan, I decided to eat 10 vegan meals (1 or 2/day). Since I am so close to the Chicago marathon, eating extra veggies everyday could help improve my training. Thankfully, I had Luvo Planted vegan meals to help expand my taste and knowledge of vegan dishes. They also gave me no excuse to skip my vegan meals.

For my vegan meals I ate the Luvo Planted Mighty Masala & Greens bowl, So Cal Kale & Bean bowl, and Great Karma Coconut Curry bowl. All the bowls were in the frozen section and were cooked in the microwave for 4.5 minutes. So, how were they?

The Mighty Masala & Green Bowl

Calories: 300

Plant Protein-11g, Whole Grains-11 g

Servings of fruit and veggies- 1 cup

The bowl contained brown rice, green garbanzos bean, cabbage, kale, and cashews. The meal was well seasoned and not too spicy. The rice and kale and kale had great consistency, but I would have liked the beans to be cooked a little more. Out of the three meals, this one was my least favorite due to the cashews. I do not like nuts in my food, unless it is a dessert.

So Cal Kale & Bean

Calories: 300

Plant Protein-10g, Whole Grains-23 g

Servings of fruit and veggies- 1.5 cups

The bowl contained brown rice, broccoli, and beans. The seasoning was fine and it was a hearty lunch. All the ingredients were well cooked, especially the rice and beans. It was a nice meal considering the amount of calories that the bowl contained.

Great Karma Coconut Curry

Plant Protein-10g, Whole Grains-16 g

Servings of fruit and veggies- 1 cup

I saved the best for last. I LOVED this meal! It was my absolute favorite. The bowl contained rice, garbanzo beans, and butternut squash. I was hesitant at first since I didn't know how the coconut would taste, but the seasoning and sauce for the bowl was amazing. Every component this bowl was my favorite, especially the sauce. I still have two more meals on my vegan journey and I plan to eat these bowls exclusively until I reach my 10 meals.

Overall, I am enjoying my 10 meal vegan journey. I don't eat enough vegetables daily and I need to do better. If I would have had the meals during my church's Daniel's Fast I would have been able to finish. While I don't plan to become 100% plant powered, I do plan on incorporating these meals into my diets so I can eat more veggies.

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