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The Sub 2 and 4:30 project

Ever since I start seriously training for half marathons I have had an ongoing goal to break the 2 hour mark. My best attempt to reach the goal has been 2:07 in 2014, which is my current half marathon PR. For 2018, I am reviving the goal and I plan to train to reach it. I am going to focus on personal training in spring and get rid my mind of all doubt so that I can get it done. My first attempt will be at the Miami half marathon in January. We will see how I do.

Along with the sub 2 project I am planning to train to run the Flying Pig Marathon in under 4:30. I will be running the Flying Pig Marathon for the Skyline Chili 4-Way Challenge with Extra Cheese for the 20th Anniversary for BibRave. That time has eluded me, but my Garmin already has faith that I can get it done.

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