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Extra Yard 5k

On January 7, 2018 I ran my first race of the year, the Extra Yard 5k. The race was sponsored by the Atlanta Track Club as an event during the College Football National Championship Game weekend.

Packet Pickup

The race offered two opportunities to pick up race packets, Friday Jan 5 at Atlanta Track Club headquarters and on race day. I chose Friday because I did not want to have to arrive super early to the race and wait outside in the cold. Packet pick up was quick and there was a mini Mizuno gear sale. Race day packet pick up in the World Congress Center was also quick. We also waited inside the building to wait for the race to begin and had access to real bathrooms.


The race started in front of the Falcons stadium and was the same route as the KP Corporate Challenge race. The course isn't really hilly, but it was really cold. I wore my new Under Armour Hovr shoes that I am evaluating. The shoes have built in sensors to measure your running metrics (blog coming later). I started off running a sub 10 mile, but after after the first mile, my left leg felt like it was a block of solid ice. I walked a little during the race to try to "warm" it up.

Overall it was a great race and I finished in 35:05 and earned my beautiful apple medal. My plan to keep working on getting faster and doing better with suiting up for the cold (I had on 3 shirts).


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