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Saving my shirt with BibBoards

Disclaimer: I received a set of free BibBoards to evaluate. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

One of my favorite aspects of running is wearing the coolest running gear. From funky prints to wild colors, I love it all. One thing I don't love is having to stick pins through my shirts for races. I usually have issues pinning my bibs on straight and more importantly I am concerned about creating holes in my clothes from repeated pinning. BibBoards ( eliminates the need to use safety pins.

BibBoards are plastic snap on bib holders that do not use pins or magnets. They are easy to attach to shirt for bib attachment by snapping the two pieces together through a shirt.

They may work on pants, but I don't attach my bibs to my tights so I didn't test them there. The BibBoards also have cute sayings printed on them. I had the "Run Your Own Race" BibBoards.

I wore the BibBoards for the Miami Tropical 5k and half marathon, Hot Chocolate 15k, and Atlanta Track Club Hearts and Soles 5k. The product worked well for all the races. My bib was secure and even when I fell during the Miami half marathon at mile 9, my BibBoards didn't pop off. They also didn't rub my skin during any of the races and cause chafing. My shirts were not damaged during any of the races and I was grateful that I didn't have to look for pins (I always seem to lose them)

I really like BibBoards and unless I am wearing a thick sweatshirt, I am ditching my safety pins from this moment forward.

Want to try?

Use code #bibchat to save 20% at


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