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Keeping Chafing Away with PJURACTIVE

Disclaimer: I received PJURACTIVE 2Skin to evaluate. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Chafing is every runner's nightmare, but my true reality. My skin chafes when I run longer than 4 miles. PJURACTIVE 2Skin ( is an anti-chafing cream that protects your skin from the abrasive damage caused by rubbing clothes and gear. Since I struggle with chafing, I like to make sure I have a group of products I can use to prevent chafing for long runs. PJURACTIVE 2Skin can also be used to prevent blisters.

Unlike other chafing products, PJURACTIVE 2Skin is a liquid that is applied to the areas that are prone to chafing. The formula is light and does have a slight greasy feel. It applies well and the oily consistency prevents water/sweat from washing the product away. The liquid gives you the ability to cover more areas of your skin effectively. I received two sizes to evaluate. The 3.4 fl. oz size (larger bottle) had a hole dispenser to pour the product in your hand or apply it directly to your skin. The smaller size (0.68 fl.oz) had a pump for convenient dispensing. Both containers worked well for applying the product.

Since I usually experience chafing for distances over 5k, I used it for the Miami 5k and Half Marathon, Allstate Hot Chocolate Atlanta Race, 11 mile Flying Pig Marathon training run, and for the Gasparilla Ultra Challenge. It works! I only chafed in places, like my back, where I didn't apply the product. I really need to bathe in chafing cream to make sure I get every spot on my skin. After all the races, I have no chafing or skin irritation. It even survived 4 hours of rain during the Hot Chocolate Race. The product also did not stain or damage my clothes. My running clothes are sacred to me so this was an added bonus. It was easy to wash off after a run with no residue left behind.

I plan to add PJURACTIVE to my chafing-prevention toolbox. Any product that saves my skin and prevents chafing is worth adding to my favorite product line up.

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