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Enduring the heat with Gatorade Endurance

Disclaimer: I received Gatorade Endurance Energy Gels and Endurance Formula to evaluate. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Summer time has officially arrived in Georgia. It is devil's hot and with the heat is the need for hydration and proper fueling for summer races. Gatorade ( has released two new Endurance products, watermelon-flavored formula hydration drink and a mango energy gel, that can hopefully offer some relief to all this heat. As the Peachtree Road Race approaches, I am working on getting my hydration set for the race.

Gatorade Endurance Watermelon Drink (90 cal/12 fl oz, 22g carbs)

Sodium-300mg, Potassium-140 mg

The Gatorade Endurance formula drink is why I loved the New York Marathon so much. I couldn't wait to reach the next mile to get another drink. The Endurance formula takes sports drinks to another level. With over two times the sodium and potassium, the quality of the drink helps to elevate my runs by preventing dehydration.

The watermelon Endurance drink tastes great. I drank it at 75% and 100% strength for my weekly runs. I normally don't drink sports drinks during runs because I don't like the stickiness on my teeth that can develop over time. The drink was hydrating and wasn't sticky at all. I felt like I was running NY again, in the GA heat.

Gatorade Endurance Mango Gel

The mango gels have 80 calories and can be taken before and during a run to maintain energy levels. The gel has a fluid-like consistency that made it really easy to use. Most gels are too concentrated and "jelly" which makes them hard to take. They also stick to the inside of your mouth and require a lot of water to rinse it away. The gel really tastes like a real mango and was good (I really don't like gels). I didn't need a lot of water to clear it from my mouth.

I took a gel before my 8 mile Peachtree Road Race training run. My energy levels were fine throughout the 2 hours we were running. I also didn't experience any stomach discomfort with using a new product.

The Verdict

I liked both products. I plan to use the drink fix for my summer running. For the next 3 months it will be a battle of heat, hills, and humidity in the effort to stay hydrated. I will use the gels in fall when I start training for the Rock 'n' Roll Savannah half marathon.

Want to Try?

Check out to place your order.

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