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Ultimate hydration with Ultima Replenisher

Disclaimer: I received Ultima to evaluate. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

As summer in the south rages on, the biggest issue with running outside is staying hydrated. Even though I limit summer running to short distances, dehydration is still a concern. As I continue my review of electrolyte hydration products, I am circling back to Ultima Replenisher (, one of my favorite brands.

Ultima Replenisher is a zero calorie, zero sugar electrolyte supplement drink. It is one my favorite drinks because it tastes sweet without having sugar. It is also one of the few running products that taste good, so I actually look forward to drinking it.

All the good stuff

Ultima contains the following vitamins and minerals* (daily value %) per serving: Vitamin A (30%), Vitamin C (167%), Calcium (7%), Phosphorus (7%), Magnesium (25%), Zinc (7%), Selenium (2%), Copper (10%), Sodium (2%), and Potassium (7%).

*Not a complete listing

Preparing the drink

Ultima comes in 0.12 oz single serve packages and canisters. The single packages are easy for transporting to runs for replenishing your fluids. The single packs come in single flavor or a multi flavor variety pack. The canisters are great for preparing large quantities of the drink at one time.

The 0.12 oz drink powder is mixed with 16 fluid oz of water. The amount of water can be adjusted depending on your taste preference.

Running with Ultima

Ultima is my go to drink for races. My favorite flavors are lemonade and cherry pomegranate. I used it for Peachtree Road Race (training and the race) this year. It was hot and Ultima was perfect. I carried an extra pack to refill my bottle during the race. I really like Ultima because it is refreshing without all the sugar. I also enjoy the convenience of the individual packs for races.

Want to try?

Receive a 15% discount when they visit the Ultima Amazon storefront and use the BR code below.


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