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Fall Marathon Training Has Arrived!!!

After 3 years (I can't believe it's been that long) I am back to training for a half marathon. Before I retired from marathons this year, I always killed two birds with one stone by wrapping half marathon training into marathon training. I am excited to volunteering with the Atlanta Track Club as a Run Lead for the Thanksgiving Half Marathon. I am training for the PNC Atlanta Track Club 10 Miler, Thanksgiving Half Marathon, and the Rock 'n' Roll Savannah Half Marathon. The 10 Miler and Thanksgiving Half are part of the Triple Peach Series. My goal is run a sub 2 half marathon and I have plenty of work to do to achieve that goal.

One feature of Atlanta Track Club training I am excited about is the Final Surge coaching app that we are using to log our workouts. I love the daily workout text reminders.

Need a few races for your fall schedule and complete you 50 states journey, check out these races and the sweet discounts.

9/23/2018 - Chicago Half Marathon & 5K - Chicago, IL

Use code “BRCHIHALF18” for $10 off half and $5 off 5K.

10/18-21/2018 - Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon - Detroit, MI Use code “2018DETROCKS ” to save 10% on race entry!

11/11/2018 - Madison Marathon - Madison, WI

Use “MMRAVE18” to save 10% through 11/7 (when online registration closes).

12/9/2018 - Honolulu Marathon - Honolulu, HI

Use code “HNLBR2018” for 10% off.


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