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Safety on the pavement with Sabre

Disclaimer: I received Sabre personal safety devices to evaluate as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to find and write race reviews!”

Runner safety is something I am concerned with everyday. In my 7 years of running I have been nearly hit by several cars in crosswalks and I was bit by a dog in 2017. Between distracted drivers and broken pavement, runners have to be careful everytime they go for a run, even during races.

Normally, personal safety to me means reflective gear, lights, and carrying my phone during a run. I never considered items, such as pepper spray and personal alarms that are offered by Sabre ( Sabre offers an array of products to law enforcement and homeowners. I tested the pepper spray, clip on personal alarm/light, and wrist personal alarm. All three products are perfectly designed for your personal safety.

Pepper Spray

The Sabre pepper spray is designed to fit around your hand for easy access during a run. The spray has a safety setting that prevents accidental discharge. I ran with the spray during my weekly runs. I almost had to use it during my run when a dog ran to me. Thankfully, he was friendly and his owners were close by.

Personal Alarms

I love the personal alarms. They are so loud! They are a million times better than having a whistle or shouting. I liked the clip on personal alarm, which also has a light. The device has two buttons, one activates the alarm and the other the light. The light has 3 flashing settings. I ran with this personal alarm for most of my runs. I just clipped it on my shirt and hit the pavement.

I had a personal alarm for my wrist. The alarm was activated by pulling on the metal ring. To deactivate the alarm the ring was inserted back into the device into its original location. The alarm was loud similar to the clip on device. I didn't wear this device as much of the clip on because I wear watches on both wrists and another device crowds my arm.

The Verdict

I plan to keep to continue to use these devices especially since I am now running in the mornings for the summer. I also highly recommend that other runners consider purchasing and running with safety devices.

Want to try?

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